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I finally found the start of the Cotswold Way. It was
 not so easy , as its location was on a post near the ground on the street-side of the Market Hall in Chipping Campden. The road/track/path/way stretches onward for 102 miles until it reaches the city of Bath. 
You could of course equally , start in Bath ; but tradition favours the walk from village to city and moving within 2 miles to the Cotswold escarpment at Dovers Hill.
Also the prevailing winds are generally from the west to the south west , so following the route from Campden to Bath , you are likely to have the wind at your back.
At this point , I feel a tip of the hat is in order to the Rambler's Association and more particularly to the Cotswold Wardens , who do such a great job in keeping the paths clear from the encroachment of nature and maintaining the way-marking for the entire route.
It is wonderful that , in this day and age , a minority section of society can be cared for in this manner. Thank you all.

In January of this year , I predicted the  end of season top four positions in the football Premier League.
I said Liverpool , Man Utd. , Chelsea and Arsenal.
The actual result : Man. Utd , Liverpool , Chelsea and Arsenal - so half a point to me.
I also predicted the demise of Cheltenham Town A.F.C. , which I wish had not been realized.

 A few days ago , a friend of mine sent me a clip from BBC Today programme , regarding  the late musician , poet and composer Moondog , whose work I had always admired.
I am not able to make this into a hyperlink , so if you don't want the bother of copying this into your browser; simply put BBC Moondog  into Google  and then  click onto  BBC Today and this will give you a visual flavour of "himself".

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