hide and seek

Thought I'd better do a couple of catch-up blogs , now that I've made it back to my desktop.

 I've recently spent a few days in Cornwall , and during that time I visited this bird sanctuary in Marazion , prompted by the excellent book " While Flocks Last " by Charlie Elder , which I recently read . 
In this book Charlie visits all the red-listed (that is birds whose numbers are diminishing  or indeed nearing possible extinction ) birds in the British Isles.
He writes with a dry humour and easily engages the reader. 
Here is an example :  " Life stirred in our planet's primeval soup three and a half  billion years ago and from the slime multi- cellular  organisms evolved , grew scales and crawled onto land whereupon many took up work as estate agents ...... "

In a deeper meaning , he reminds us that all species have a right to life , however nondescript they may look or act .  "Everything has a purpose under heaven " as the good song tells us.

This brings us back to the above sanctuary , where there has been  sightings of the seldom seen Aquatic Warbler and guess what , I didn't see him either !

 Np " Turn Turn Turn "   by the Byrds.


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