Still a way to go

I have now completed the first section of the Cotswold Way from Chipping Campden To Cleeve Hill.
The second picture shows  the path through a field walking towards Broadway 
Tower, which can be seen in picture one.

More on Moondog.

In my last entry I mentioned Moondog ; The Late  blind , composer , poet , instrument maker  and self-styled 'Viking'.
One of his instruments is the trimba ; which is a wooden and metal percussive instrument , which Moondog kept with him when he stood in Times Square , New York.
Amazingly there , he would compose in all weathers , using a braille machine to notate his thoughts. He was then , the real essence of the street musician.
This is celebrated in  the CD " Sidewalk Dances " -the Music of Moondog ; conducted and arranged by the excellent classical pianist Joannah MacGregor.
Moondog's music is a joyous expression of rhythm and melody and covers many forms from orchestral to canons for the organ.
Moondog wrote many different types of verse , including couplets.

Here are two:

Awakening , you find yourself still sitting in your chair;
so raise the pen you didn't drop and drop a hint , you square.

You're climbing up the ladder of success; he's climbing down.
And you can't help but smile , I guess; and he can't help but frown.

Want to know more ? then read " Moondog - The Viking Of 6th Avenue " by Robert Scotto.

Louis Hardin (aka)  Moondog   1916-1999 .

NP 'Bird's Lament "   Moondog.



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