Way Ahead

Yesterday , I ventured forth on a short leg on my journey along  The Cotswold Way , which remember runs from Chipping Campden to Bath , a distance of over 100 miles.
My route , took me from North Nibley to Wotton under Edge  (only two miles - but it was a hot day)

The view , you can see is taken near Tyndale's Monument at the escarpment above North Nibley , looking down the valley towards Wotton.

The monument stands 33 metres in height. It was built in 1866  to commemorate the first translation of the Bible into English , by William Tyndale ( born N. Nibley 1484)
His story did not end happily as he was later accused of heresy and burned at the stake in France 1536 , ( Mel Gibson take note - there could be an 'earner' here )

It was a very pleasant stroll in the sun and included a shady section through woodland.
Only another seventy plus miles to complete.

 Np " Woods " Bon Iver - must check for footage from Glastonbury.


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