Good and Bad : on The Way

Have just concluded the stretch of the Way from Cleeve Hill to Dowdeswell .

Cleeve Hill is the highest point of the cotswolds at 1083 ft. or 330m. Source 'Wikipedia '
The views , this day were clear with high visibility ( see Picture 1) , where you can see , nestled in the valley to the west Cheltenham Racecourse.
The waymarking was generally good , with posts to guide you to the summit and trig point.

However , when the path left the common , there was an area of doubt as to which right hand route to take into the woods. The matter was resolved at the bottom of the slope with a friendly post , by the gate ; but it had created a few moments of anxiety in this walker's mind.

Further on in the journey ; navigation became quite a problem when reaching the quarry (see Picture 3).

The first shock was noticing the fly tipping of tyres , rubbish and even a burnt-out car; which after the beauty of the walk was quite an eye-opener.

After reeling from this outrage , one looked , in vain for a signpost to denote an exit point.
Fortunately , I had my much thumbed Official Trail Guide which indicated a downward path to the quarry's right by the side of a wire fence . This proved to be the right choice ; although walking was hampered by the erosion of the path , due , one imagines to the flow of water.

As I made my way carefully downwards , still a little bemused by the recent state of the quarry , I glanced to my right and saw a field of uncut grass and glory be a radiant array of wild flowers (see Picture 2) . This , I think , conveyed the great paradox that even in the proximity of waste and desolation , beauty abounds.




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