If you go down in the Woods today.......

I finished at Cooper's Hill ( Click on Trees and Cheese in the labels for more info) , having started out at Birdlip , walking the Way ; a distance of three miles and what a pleasure it was.
Starting at the top of Birdlip Hill (one in six) ; which in my youth I "hurtled " down on my three speed bike , the walk meanders in a loop like fashion amongst woodland.

The sun was shining brightly and there was a striking dappled effect through the leaves (see picture on the right).

It was pleasing to see young saplings together with mature trees and evergreen conifers upon the route which was almost three miles in length - a true woodland walk.

The other picture shows the view above Witcombe Reservoir and I think this demonstrates one of the features of the Way , namely that it is always a question of perspective ; for
I was aware of this reservoir but until I ventured on this track , I had been unable to see the true beauty of the water , in the context of the surrounding scenery.

The waymarking was of good quality and the essence of this walk was not spoiled , by wondering which path to take.
All in all , an enjoyable jaunt.


NR. "What I talk about when I talk about running " by Haruki Murakami 2009.
I now consider a walk a slow run !

NP " Reptile " by Eric Clapton 2001
suggested by Murakami as good running music.


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