Looking Down at the Future

These two shots were taken at the top of Tewkesbury Abbey. It was a clear Sunday with stunning views across the county. Further pic and info regarding this Abbey can be found at my posting 24/11/'08 by clicking on Tewkesbury Abbey on the Labels Bar.

I have just finished reading " The Vanishing Face of Gaia. A Final Warning " By James Lovelock. Pub. Allen Lane 2009. It is a no-nonsense account of probable future events . In his own words ; " Our Goal now is to survive and live in a way that gives evolution beyond us the best chance " (page 6)
James , it was , who formulated the theory of a self-regulating Earth (Gaia) which works to keep a habitable planet species in a flourishing state , but at the same time set back those species that foul the environment. Click on Gaia on Labels for previous entry "Jurassic Coast goes 3D "
He believes the best indicator of temperature warming is the rise of the sea level which in 2007 rose 1.3 times as fast as IPCC ( Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ) had predicted and also that actual measurements made on the spot by scientists are much harder to contest than computer climate models.
Once again , he makes a strong case against those wretched on-shore wind farms , which are wholly inadequate in energy production ; being in use only 25% of the time and thus needing the back-up of a conventional gas/coal/nuclear powder station.

Consider this , it would need a wind-farm the size of Dartmoor to equal the constant power output of a single coal-fired or nuclear power station .

Madness - grow vegetables not wind farms.

And that's the REAL raspberries !



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