Close to the Edge

I've reached the village of Edge from Painswick following the Cotswold Way.

A distance , according to the trail guide , of merely one mile. Walking it of course seemed a lot further and I confess it was only the promise of a pint at the excellent Edgemoor Inn , that kept me going up the final slope !

But , in a way this "short " distance encapsulates the magic of the walk , for it has extensive view across the valley ; different surfaces ( lanes , paths , field tracks , woodland areas ) to walk along and wanders up and down meeting houses and cattle on its journey and thus keeping the interest high at all times. The waymarking was good and included the stone marker , bearing the legend ' Bath 55 miles ' ( see pic 2) with ' Chipping Campden 47 miles on the obverse '.
So if I include the further on stretch from Dursley to Wotton -Under Edge , ( see Dursley goes Green on the Way 27/7) I have walked over half-way - Whoopee !

The other picture shows 'the acorn ' post outside the lych-gate of the parish church at Painswick
, from which one crosses the main road to exit down edge road and start the route to Edge , Haresfield , Randwick and eventually to King's Stanley , lying outside Stroud.

But that's the Future !


NP. " Close to the Edge " by Yes 1972 (what else )


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