Happy BlogDay/ bits on the Way

'This is my first blog , so I'm working out the rules as I go along " .

Thus said I on Monday September 22nd 2008 A.D. ; exactly one year ago !
Since then , including this one , I have posted 74 entries . Within these entries I have mentioned 14 books , 30 record tracks and no less than 75 photographs ( 73 of which were original and 2 which came from the Internet )

Today , one year on , I actually found out what the word Blog meant .
It is a contraction of the words web and log and hence a log or diary kept in cyberspace through the medium of the Internet.

Blogs are usually shown in reverse-chronological order , which of course means as with a diary the latest entry is 'on top ' as it were.

This is alright , but as I've written before , it spoils from showing the organic growth of the blog , in my case the introduction of gadgets , the use of photography (still no video content I'm afraid) , the use of indexing and referencing the reader by the use of labels and lastly using colour protocols music or artist (blue ) , book (green ) and indexes (red ) .

Today's photographs are from my latest outing on the way , on the left a view of the hill above Stonehouse , on the right , a virtually illegible inscribed stone which commemorates the raising of the siege of Gloucester in 1643 by the Parliamentary troops under Essex. This stone stands in a wood between Edge and Haresfield .
One could perhaps conclude , that when it was first placed there , there would have been a view down into the valley , which today is covered by trees.

Ciao4now ,


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