Pains within Pains without Painswick

Have now completed the Way to Painswick , nearly half way to Bath.

The walk itself was another pleasant experience , comprising woodland , slopes , common land and a friendly road into Painswick.
The two woods were both National Trust protected , being Buckholt and Pope's Wood ( I saw no white smoke rising through the trees ) . The common land adjoined the Painswick Golf Course and was a welcome open space.

The picture on the left was taken during a shower of rain , which gave a glistening effect to the trees with the rays of the sun coming through from behind.

Now for a finger wag at the good citizens of Painswick , for as the other picture shows the Cotswold Way signs are far too small . They cannot compete with those at Dursley and Wotton and demonstrate a lack of pride in this enterprise.

There can be no excuse as the Way actually passes along the main street and therefore as with the two aforementioned towns are part and parcel of the walk.

Walkers expect better ; and that's the raspberries.

NP. " Love " the compilation CD by the Beatles ; in readiness for the re-release of their albums in 5.1 sound ,later this month.




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