Rainy , Retro , Rochester

Visited , the 'Queen of the Medway ' Rochester Kent today . It was a damp , but satisfying experience .

Rochester has a fine selection of charity and specialist shops , which leads to interesting browsing.
That , combined with narrow , rainswept streets gave a feeling of a time-slip ; in other words a seamless move to the 19 70/80s .

The illusion was completed by the music which I heard in two successive shops , The Fortunes "you've got your troubles " and The Searchers "sweets for my sweet" .

I then headed to the pub , which smelt as if smoking was in still in vogue , but thankfully the local beer ' Masterbrew ' from Faversham's brewer Shepherd Neame was extremely quaffable
and well kept .

The pictures are of the remarkable Catalpa Tree which can be seen in front of Rochester Castle.



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