Baching up the Trees

Visited Cyril Hart's Arboretum , in the Forest of Dean, yesterday.
The weather was fair and in the words of the carol , beauty shone all around.

The photographs show a close-up view of a tree bark and view of one of the glades.

the rather strange spelling of today's title refers to the music I played during the trip to and from the trees ; namely " The Goldberg Variations " J. S. Bach.

This is a set of 30 solo variations , with an aria at the beginning and end for Harpsichord or Piano. The pieces are short , expressive and flow like ripples over a waterfall. An insomniac Johann Goldberg required a musical form of exercise to help the sleepless nights go by. He may have been the first performer of Bach's masterpiece.

As , you may well imagine to my ears , this music perfectly complements the majesty and poise of these stately trees .

My recording was by the late Glenn Gould , an obsessive character , who spent much of his musical life reflecting and refining this piece.



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