keep the faith , ascend the beacon

Faith is like a pearl , it shines from the oysters of life.

Well the oysters were stacking up in large quantities as I drove to Randwick , near Stroud last Tuesday (6/10) ; the rain was teeming down onto the road and the wind was threatening to dislodge more leaves onto the sodden ground.

I was moving from plan B to plan C and had all but given up any foot expeditions that morning ,
rounding a corner in the road there was a glimpse of blue in the distance and as I drove nearer to Stroud the azure intensity increased ; so by the time I reached my parking point at Randwick there was only a light drizzle and some falling water from the trees.

The resulting walk through the woods and up and over Haresfield Beacon , brought many pleasures not least of all , the light falling through the trees to expose the carpet of brown leaves underneath. (see left hand pic. for an idea of this )

At one point a white mist arose from the valley floor, marking another change in the Seasons ; but by the time the Beacon was ascended , the view was clear again.

Picture two shows the topological form of the trig point at Haresfield , ( slightly away from the Cotswold Way ) which was an interesting variation on the usual one.

The walk was well signposted throughout , but a useful tip is that when the trig point is reached (not the one mentioned above) ,following the path , one needs to swing 180 degrees ( as arrow indicates ) to continue the walk towards Edge.

I have now walked from Chipping Campden to Kings Stanley and now face towards Dursley.



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