Quackers and Commons

Well 'bless my barnacles ' , if you'll pardon the expression , I reckon that the five mile walk I've just completed is as good or satisfying as any walk on the way so far.

The weather , for October was exceptional with clear , calm blue skies , resulting in vivid images and colours.

Even the texture of the ground changed from dew and dampness to firm and holding.

The walk from King's Stanley was circular in nature , but still stayed true to the Cotswold Way .

This is because the trail has two alternate routes out from King's Stanley , meeting at the top of Middle Yard hill.

This cleverly designed circular trail ' 8. Commons and Canals - The Selsley Circuit' , ( download at www.nationaltrail.co.uk ) allows the walker to cover these two routes in 3/4 hours and what enjoyment it brings , from sheltered beech woodlands to grasslands and rich open commons until finally to amble alongside the Stroudwater Navigation (open 1779 and now being slowly restored to life again) and thus bringing the contented wanderer back to King's Stanley .

Today's Photographs , demonstrate the clement conditions . The one on the left is a view towards Selsley Common from Pen Wood and on the right we see ducks enjoying the Canal "soup" , appearing to walk on the water .

A golden day.



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