Green Nativity

Green Nativity

Under cover of darkness ,
bathed in starlight
three Magi sit watchfully
on camels seeking their way.
Hooves press lightly into the sand
making little carbon prints as they
slowly move ahead.

The Children of David from hillside
and village throng into Bethlehem ,
crowding evermore together , forming lines ;
to register for the census.
They are pushed and squashed and space
was denied ; making it uncomfortable
for people- producers like Mary.

The sheep lay in a valley , crisp and frosty with cold
watched by shepherds who were glad to be without
the heat of the day.
Each silent in thought until that golden solar powered
radiance crossed the sky and changed their lives forever.
Eternity had visited Bethlehem.

So it was that , a baby born in poverty , placed where
animals had laid , received Magi and shepherds ,
proud and humble , with offerings to match ;
a fairtrade indeed.
Jesus was his name.

And now two thousand years on
of people now six billion strong
so Dear Son of Man , please from us receive :
Fresh water to drink , clean air to breathe,
the seeds of plants and trees to birth
rejuvenating our dying Earth.

Ck 07/12/'09

A very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Read me in '10.


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