Better Views

Well I haven't started my walk yet , but with a feeling of renewed optimism I set out for the Cotswolds , finally reaching the " Carpenter's Arms " in Miserden . Refreshed with a pint of their pub named brew ( especially made for them by the excellent ' Wye Valley Brewery ' ) and warmed by the real log fire ; I felt with just a few degrees rise in temperature , the New Year was beginning in earnest again.
The shot is taken over the pub wall and shows a peaceful winter scene.

On the 26th September 2008 , I mentioned that I was reading " The Road " by Cormac McCarthy and that I thought it would make a fine film .
Well two weeks ago I saw the realization of my wish , starring Vigo ( Aragorn ) Mortensen and a debut performance from an Australian boy Kodi Smit-Mcphee . The story concerns the long coast to coast walk across America in apocalyptic times taken by the aforementioned actors.
It is grim and gritty and relentlessly downbeat ; but the essential message of the film , is that when all else fails love will overcome.
A moving , but worthwhile cinematic experience .



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