Cold: thoughts

One week on and once again "frost on noodles " prevents further excursions down the Way
The above picture was taken today (23/2) near Stow on the Wold.

It shows a wintry scene ; having just had a covering of snow.
The temperature showed a reading of minus one centigrade ; whereas , back in Cheltenham , in the valley floor , the reading had crept up to plus one centigrade .

When will this weather relent ? Let's hope for a break next month with warm climes marching ahead .

Some thoughts :

1 Bafta's. ( British Academy of Film and Television Arts . )

Many of you will have viewed the awards last Sunday . I have not seen the winning film " The Hurt Locker " , but was interested to see it was directed by Kathryn Bigelow , ex - wife of James Cameron ; whose 3D epic " Avatar " was expected to sweep up all the awards .
This , as you know was not the case , but as money is so venerated in America , expect James to pick up the " Oscars ".
I was especially pleased to see " Up " win the best animation category . This wonderful film remains one of my movie highlights of the year.
Two more points to make :

1 Happy enough with 'Brit ' Colin Firth winning Best Actor for " A Single Man " , but expect Jeff Bridges to win out in the U.S. with " Crazy Heart " , he's 59 , been nominated 5 times and his time has come !

2 Sorry to see " The Road " miss out on all nominations . This was a major blemish ; especially after the nomination for Best Film and Best Actor of " Up in the Air " and George Clooney , respectively.

This mildly amusing affair had George dressed in top Italian suits , walking either into 'planes or occupying first class suites in top hotels around the globe . He beamed his smile , hardly broke sweat , and must have been miserable throughout . This is the sort of ' work ' we all could handle.

2 Virtual Realities

I have just watched the excellent 3 part BBC series " Virtual Revolution " on the rise and rise of the internet and social networking.
It concluded that net - users by ' flipping ' from one website to other and thus skimming for material were demonstrating ' associative ' brain behaviour , which tended to work against concentrated reading for any period of time.

I , therefore wondered if the humble poem may reach a greater audience , with its succinct form , but open -ended values . We shall see.


" Captain's Log " Moondate +9

" Take my kind hand.
My smile is stuck.
I cannot go back to your Frownland "


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