Spring into Alderley

Well dingle my dangle weed ; as you might say ; today ( 16/2 ) saw me back on the Way.

Parked the car in Alderley and retraced my steps towards the marker above Wotton , an abandoned cart.

The trail went down for a while and then relentlessly uphill until one attained Tor Hill ; but of course this ensured it would be relentlessly downhill on the return journey - Result !

It was a boots and stick walk , being uniformly muddy on the well marked track . The weather was never worse than a damp drizzle and after an hour of steady walking I reached my destination and refueled for the return.

It was as I reached the green expanse of Tor Hill , that I had my Tuesday Blessing , the sky went blue and Mr. Sun came out for a wave.
This had the effect of opening up the panorama , and what a view it was !

One could see across the valley from the Severn Bridge on the right to Tyndale's Monument on the left ; a remarkable vista indeed. Picture 1 gives a sense of this.
Returning on the track , just outside Alderley I espied this spring falling down from the rocks.
( picture 2 ) . I liked the natural energy and purpose of this water and it made me reflect that February was often referred to as "the brink month " , twixt Winter and Spring.
Further evidence of this was supplied by my first sighting of catkins on a nearby tree.

Onwards , then next time to Hawkesbury Upton.


NP. " Electric Ladyland " by Jimi Hendrix (remastered and not showing its age at all )
NR. " Beefheart : through the eyes of magic " ( reached Chapter 19 in this marathon read )


( Captain's Log - New Moon date + 2 )
retort to heckler in audience : " You've had too much to think ! "


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