Through The Eyes Of Magic

February calling .
It's that time of year when I often go into hibernation mode and await warmer climes ; so in an attempt to kick start myself into prose ; I intend to venture off-piste and discuss some recent media happenings , commencing with the launch of the iPad.

As , we all know , the annual January announcement by Apple of new or improved products , marks the official start of the new year.

This year was a ' biggie ' namely the aforementioned iPad . This is a device that sits hybrid fashion between the laptop and the smart 'phone . It boasts a 10 inch screen with a near HD display , running under a fast , newly created Apple chip , the A4 ; this means a very quick internet immersion . This is aided by the same touch screen technology found in the iPhone and iPod touch ; amazingly the 'Pad ' has 1000 sensors , making any touch , anywhere on the pad's surface react with the software.

What I like :
1 User friendly touch technology , making it easy for to browse the net from a lap position from a device only one and half pounds in weight .

2 An excellent way to view photographs , downloadable from a digital camera or ported via iTunes.

3 The ability to download E-books from major publishers from the new iBooks store. This gives the possibility to reproduce books in full- colour display and , using the internet connect with extras provided by the author , leading to interaction possibilities .
If you click on this link you will be taken to American crime writer Michael Connelly 's Website , who has , in my opinion been ahead of the electronic game for many years now. You will see , he regularly publishes video trailers regarding his latest novel and also helpfully provides photos of actual locations within the arc of the storyline.
Imagine all this embedded within the E-book and you begin to glimpse the potential of the product.
Simply , as a text reader , the E-book has little to recommend it , but with Apple's system the process begins to open up . Expect E- School Textbooks in the future.

4 A claimed battery life of 10 hours ; twice as long as laptops, making it a real mobile device.

5 the ability to download , music , books and apps ( will run virtually all iPhone applications without modification on a double sized screen - game designers love it. ) online .

What I don't like :
1 Only runs one application at one time - no multi -tasking possible

2 Needs 3G as well as WiFi to ensure fast internet access . This will appear in later , more expensive models ( add 125$ ) ; probably should be in from the start - we shall see.

Overall 8/10 or in my case 15/2 . Anyways you can always wait a year for the generation 2 release.

The return of " LOST " .

Yes it's back on our Sky1 screens for the FINAL series . Wonderful hokum , but completely batty ; it allowed itself to run right off reality rails over the previous seasons and now has to engineer itself back into a conclusion . Fun for all at 9:00 pm. on Fridays .
For extra views download " The Lost Initiative " video podcast from iTunes , in HD format.

The picture above shows ducks and geese on the move taken yesterday (7/2) in Tewkesbury ; at least they look cheerful


NR " Beefheart : through the Eyes of Magic " by John ' Drumbo ' French
An amazing tome stretching for no less than 860 pages , in such small print that I can only manage one chapter a day . Report in March.


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