Tweet a way : Steeplechase.

Well chime my bluebells; another good day in God's fresh air; sun up in the sky ( pray where else should it be)?
 Green lush fields dotted with many sheep  and  all combined  with the start of Spring, ( in an equinox sense ) and goodness me  you have a very fair day for a walk along  the Way.

 I started at Old Sodbury Church, made my way down into the village,  crossed the main road and after a short amble along a street ascended through fields and soon arrived in the parkland of Dodington House.
I stopped by the side of an ornamental bridge for a coffee and  tried my first tweet on the Way.
The above, is my, not very exciting picture of the event.
Anyway, the process worked and so,  should I need to I can now report in 'real time ' (140 characters or less ) whilst on the walk;  a Cotswold 'twit ' indeed.

Continuing  the walk I soon reached higher ground,affording some splendid views .

This picture, I think demonstrates, the " Capability Brown " like effect of the landscaping, as seen on many National Trust properties ; so one is made aware of the close cropped grass and the decorative nature of the trees.

In a short while the peace of this cosmetic, rural scene was brought to an abrupt end by means of the main Bath Road, which needed to be crossed with care.

Once across,a series of short field crossings, using tricky stone stiles to enter and exit, brought one to Tormarton Church,  the  return point for today's journey.

This view taken from the outside wall,  gives a glimpse of the Norman tower;  from which the name Tormarton was derived, as it was once Tower Marton.

Perhaps a better feel for the tower  dimensions,  can be seen from this view taken from inside the church.

Next,  I head  on the Way to Cold Ashton.


Captain's Log Moon Date Spring + 1

" The rug's wearing out.
   Soon it will fray  ' n '  we'll drop. "


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