Hitting the Heights; but staying in the Pink

Pitched up the other day at Tyntesfield, the Portishead side of Brisile. It is a grade one listed Victorian House and Gardens; which would have decayed away, were it not for The National Trust taking it over in 2002.

The House's exterior has been incased in scaffold, as can be seen from the above photo.
Amazingly, one can enter the house and see many of the rooms; although because of damage to fabrics, there is restricted light, with curtains and shutters closed; especially noticeable in the 'Morning Room',
 where we were told that large quantities of solar light streamed through the windows.

the unique selling point  regarding Tyntesfield, at this time is a roof walk, which allows the visitor to be at chimney level; whilst at the same time seeing the work of restoration by the stone masons.

The above picture doesn't do justice to the experience; which has the additional dimension, of being at roof level, yet still under material cover.
I was told the scaffolding, will hopefully be starting to be dismantled this October, so in the meantime go see for yourselves.

The spring flowers were just passing over in the gardens, but there was plenty of colour to please the eye.

The Trust is also restoring the Orangery, which apparently has a maze of water pipes, with no technical drawings available. It will be something of note to view in future years.

To finish in a blaxe of glory, here is a picture of an orchid, spotted in the greenhouse.


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