Return of The Ruling Class: Keep Spending

With the imminent return of the ruling class this Thursday; thought it a good idea to re-join the National Trust, before fees escalate. Also it gives me something to do between walks.

This is a view from Croome Park, in Worcestershire; the first of the properties I have visited so far.
This was " Capability" Brown's first landscaped project. The Trust brought this estate in 1996 and have been bringing it slowly back to its former glory.

The above view was taken near the House, which is also being carefully renovated. (6 rooms now open)
Interestingly in the 80s, a community of saffron robed monks, Hare Krishna  lived there; holding open days and being seen in the nearby village.

The above is a detail, from their brightly coloured 'fruit' decoration, which still adorns the walls of the Hall.

Finally, changing the subject, I wanted to share this picture with you, of the idiocy of Health and Safety.

On a wetlands walk today, I espied this pile of logs, bearing the notice Danger, DO NOT CLIMB.
Excuse me, Is it safe for me to walk down this track; or indeed is this computer screen giving out too much radiation?
Better sign off, just in case !



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