A Cotswold Way Tweet

I have tried to compress an impression of the Way into a series of tweets; which I have actually posted on Twitter, much I am sure to the bafflement of any reader.

Tweets, like texts are limited to 140 characters, including spacing. However for ease of reading, I intend to set these tweets in a more traditional style.


From Campden,
 rise up Dover's Hill
and hear ancient games;
before the folly of Broadway.
Near Winchcombe be blessed
at Hailes Abbey.


Climb and pray for ancestors
at Belas Knap.
A common stroll above
meeting the 
Devil's Chimney
before the
bronze age fort.


Down through trees to where
 cheese rolls reaching
dark mills and old canals of
Pass barrows and look
at Severn vistas.


March up from
Dursley to
Tyndale's Bible Tower;
then down with jubilee 
to Wotton.
From busy stream, paths
lead to
Somerset's spire.


The cold wind
from Hawkesbury,
blows upon 
sleeping knights of
Sodbury thence
to Tormarton's
peaceful Norman tower.
Allegro over M4.


Pace and traffic return;
Pathways swoop and
loop in Civil War
homage gallop
up to racecourse
and  cascade to 
gentle finish
in Bath.

Ck 01/06/'10


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