In which I turned right and found an aqueduct

This week's venture took me from Cricklade, back towards the Water Park. I used my bus pass and arrived in Cricklade mid-morning. The view from the double decker bus throughout the journey was a delight, as we moved through Cotswold country to Cirencester and then on past  the lakes to Cricklade.

Cricklade, is essentially a  village, with one long High Street. In my Father's day it was always known as a 'watering hole' of note,  with 10 to 12 pubs plying their wares along the street.
Well, I'm pleased to inform you that this tradition is still alive, with, counting in a hotel, 5 premises still selling the beer; a heartening sight in these days of recession.

The path started at North Wall street at the "bottom" of the High Street. Very quickly the path emerged in meadowland, behind the houses and after about half a mile entered the North Meadow Nature Reserve.
This ancient meadowland, cut at this time, preserved flowering rarities, such as the yellow snake's-head fritillary, to be seen in April.
Shortly after this, I crossed over a wooden bridge, with the Thames underneath (yes it's still there!) and made my first navigational error, for instead of going right, then left alongside the stream ( where was the logic in missing that? ) I stayed right, entering a woody country path, with overgrowing brambles and tricky tree roots.
In my defence, I found no acorn sign, confirming the route left; but looking back it was a bad judgement call.

However,  following this route, allowed me to view some 19th Century canal works.

I came upon this notice, explaining the restoration of this aqueduct.
Further details at:

Then, glory be , the aqueduct itself came into view.

This, I felt made the journey, very worthwhile indeed.
Retracing, my steps and then realizing my mistake, I arrived, back upon the path, next to the Thames,
at this spot, which one feels has been used at times for feet quenching exercises.

So tired, but satisfied with the canal  find, I made my way back to Cricklade and the return bus home.


N.P. Scott 4 , which I picked up, cheaply at a CD record fair. The arc of Walker's recordings, from Walker Brother to his experimental latest material ' The Drift ' is a remarkable journey; but whatever he does, and for whatever reasons, his voice has a special quality and remains intact. Scott 4 is reckoned to be his most accessible recording.


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