New Bits: Cotswold Coda

Above is Dover's Hill, near Chipping Campden; the start/finish of the Cotswold Way.
The date 20th June 2010.
The time C.12:50am
The occasion: the finishing few miles of the attempted running of the Cotswold Way  from Bath in under 24 hours.
Would, that I could show you a picture of a runner  flying by; but alas it was not to be; so having read the 'paper, I made my way back home.

However, it was only a few weeks later that, surfing the web, I found that this feat had been achieved, by one Mike Wood, a Cheltenham based athlete; who at 9:00 on 30th April 2010 from Chipping Camden covered the 100+ miles to Bath in an official time of 23 hours 48 mins. and 7 seconds and in so doing became a record holder and raised a good sum of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
Well done Mike!

Full story at:


Saw The World Cup Final; last night in 3D at the local cinema. It was an interesting experience and brought the action closer than ever before. I particularly liked the person from the crowd, appearing in front of my eyes with the banner, bearing the legend " See you all in Brasil in 2014 " 
The football festival and life just keeps moving on.

Finally, here is a picture, taken on 30th June, when I visited Snowshill Manor.

NP. Music by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, who play a one off gig at High Voltage Festival London, This Weekend 18/07/'10. Like me they're all 60 plus -- Oh dear that age thing again !   Time to close.



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