Bars, More Bars and Movieland

As we know last Sunday was a special day. It was the tenth of October 2010; or  in binary terms 101010.
As in all fiction, the truth can be more improbable.
In this case 101010= 42 or 101010(base2) is equal to 42(base10).
So as, according to the Late Douglas Adams 42 is the answer to life, universe and everything, I thought it was time to head for the pub.

This shot was taken outside the Royal Oak, at Gretton, near Tewkesbury. If you look carefully in the middle distance you can see a train passing through.

On Saturday (9th), tired of talk of recession and cut-backs, I headed out for the village of Much Marcle, near Ross-on- Wye, the home of Westons, cider and perry makers for over a hundred years.

Here you can see some of their wares in their cider shop. Although knocking my head on the exit door, I managed to escape unscathed,  with some winter supplies

Yesterday, I visited the Village of Lacock, near Chippenham, in Wiltshire. It is like being in a living film set and television location.
All it needs is for the parked cars to be removed from the streets, costume to be donned and bang you're in a period drama. Recent productions, include "Cranford" and "Wolfman."
Visiting the shops, yesterday, I noticed some assistants wearing period costume and in one craft shop, pictures of the proprietor with Dame Judy Dench and Imelda Staunton.

Even the local school had got into the photo business with this 'elf and safety nets notice.

Lacock has an Abbey with a mixture of architectural styles. including medieval cloisters and a Tudor courtyard.

The photograph shows a view from inside the Abbey, looking out.

This is an exterior shot showing a border feature,

"Lacock Abbey"  by Curlykale

Near the Abbey and a little removed from the village is  the Fox Talbot Museum.

He invented the first photographic negative and so in his own way made possible the whole age of the image.

Visiting the exhibition, I was delighted to see a slideshow of negatives running on an early iMac; which seemed to fit in perfectly with the historical prospective of this event.

Further information on Lacock Village and Abbey may be found at :




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