here we go.....

This is worrying, I'm writing this while my first video is uploading.

I hope it completes. It was taken yesterday in the Forest of Dean, in the arboretum , near Speech House.
The leaves were in the process of changing colour, the ground was wet and the atmosphere felt damp.
It's been nearly half an hour now;  I had no idea that a thirty two second video could take so long !

I can begin to see the advantage of video content, particularly when showing landscapes, from the top of a hill view, allowing the full panoramic image to be revealed. It is now nearly an hour and a half, since I started the uploading . I fear I have done something wrong and will have to cancel soon. The trouble is
that I am receiving  no error messages, but also no indication of the time left, upon which it will finish the task.
Oh well, it is all a learning  process, I suppose.
At least  you will see a photograph of the woods in question.


And now for a return,  to our old friend the Cotswold Way. Recently I had a look on the web and discovered there are now twelve circular walks, covering virtually the entire walk.

I decided to attempt walk number nine " Cam Long Down and Uley ". It was a lovely day, with wonderful clear, bright blue skies, perfect for a video( Grrr!); as you can probably see from this photograph, taken from the top of Uley Hill.

What impressed me most were the new circular signs, marking this route.

An excellent effort all round and a boon to walkers.

A pint of Uley Bitter concluded a memorable walk.

 Pop the corks; it is certainly very poor, but we do have video action from Cheltenham. Phew!


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