Three Pub Walk- Part 1 from "The Swan" to the Hide

I thought I would produce an illustrated guide of  this walk.
It starts near "The Swan" at Coombe Hill, on the busy Tewkesbury to Gloucester road.

Turn  right by  the traffic light, and walk down the  steeply descending lane until it ends in a track marking a start to the Wet Lands.  Here there is limited car parking to be had.
The walk continues straight on along the canal path.

I noticed today (15/10) how neat the far bank was looking; clearly a great  deal of work had been carried out.

After about a quarter of mile, cross over the canal bridge.

Then turn left, to continue in the same direction as before.

Very shortly you will see this sign.

For our purposes, we will take the right turn, entering the meadows via a gate.

The walk continues straight ahead; but it is well worth making a short detour, in order to visit the Grundon Hide.

The gate  and pathway to the hide comes after a very short walk, on the left of our path.

By chance today was the official opening of a new bridge which crosses the meadow, to join with the existing hide walk-way.

This will enable, bird watchers to have access to the hide, throughout most, if not all of the year; thus avoiding the flooded fields, when they happen. The cost of this bridge was over £20,000 and was built, I was told in a week.

This is the hide in question.

Today the view and wildlife seen from the hide was very disappointing indeed.

For, where you can see the 'white patches', is usually a lake, home to ducks, swans and geese. It clearly dries up at this time of year.

In part two, the walk continues from the hide to Apperley village.



P.S.  Mogwai added to video bar: Lacock video added to previous post.


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