White Horse Hill

I'm hopeful this little video will also upload, as I have found a 'workround' using a Keynote programme on my Mac.
I have of course a great deal to learn about video, in particular splicing and joining videos  together, in order to create a seamless moving strand.

But enough of this boring techie stuff; let's concentrate on the visit to White Horse Hill and Uffington Hill  Fort, between Ashbury and Wantage in Oxfordshire.

The huge figure of the White Horse Hill, which can be seen on a clear day from twenty miles away, was created over 3000 years ago.

The photograph you can see was taking looking from  The Long Barrow, towards the White Horse.
What was especially interesting this time, was that I was able to download an audio trail of this location.
I found it here:
This meant I could walk and listen to my iPod as I followed the trail.

By this means I found out many interesting facts. For example I learnt that a  two day festival was held after 'scouring' or cleaning the Horse in the 18th and 19th C; in which up to thirty thousand attended.

 All sorts of games were played including cheese rolling and  chasing the pig. Ladies could win a gallon of gin by smoking the most pipe tobacco in an hour.
 In 1843 there were even elephants on the Hill!
The actual trail  takes about an hour to complete and was a very worthwhile experience indeed.

P.S. Click the red arrows on  the video frame to get a bigger view of the Hill.


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