Sparkle and Shine- you crazy diamond

Although we haven't had much snow here in Cheltenham; what we have seen is the transformation of trees and bushes into frosty sculptures.

This is a humble tree transformed into a fantasy object; rather than its normal  undistinguished street corner self.

It is alleged that J.R.R. Rowling; the author of 'Harry Potter'; having been asked to open a new library in Dursley; replied that she had 'washed the dust of her feet' and would never return to Dursley.

Hence, the reason why that troublesome family, where young 'Harry' first stayed were named  Dursleys.
Well having lived for11 years near Dursley, I can tell you J.R.R. missed a trick; that being to look upwards, for had she done so, she would have seen the beauty of the hills looking down on the town.

What a sight on a cold afternoon, the view above the High Street.

I spent a couple of days in London, last week and shot this short  video of Christmas sparkle in Bond Street.

I was in London, chiefly to view some of Miles Davis's art work.
It proved to be an interesting contrast between his large canvass paintings and his smaller intimate drawings.
Here is a picture of one of the latter:

I liked the tribal; African element which I noticed in much of his work and also the tightness of the lines and finally for  such a flamboyant man, the small size of his signature; which seemed almost an after-statement.

Well the year is fast drawing to a close; so let me at this point wish you all  a very happy and peaceful Christmas, combined with an optimistic and positive new year in 2011.


P.S.  added some great footage of Miles on the video bar !


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. That night Bond Street looked magical !


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