Dove Down: Dove Up: Dover's Hill

Let's start with a video. It's shot in HD, so it should be good. It shows the view from the trig-point on Dover's Hill, near Chipping Campden, and is our start point for our Cotswold Way circular walk.

Date: Saturday 19th March,2011.
Location: Dover's Hill
Purpose :  Cotswold Way  circular walk No. 1 " Chipping Campden"
Conditions: Sunny, blue skies, ground drying quickly, temperature 8 - 10 degrees
Distance: 2.5 - 3.00 miles (aprox.)

Perceptive readers will have noticed that the walk is entitled "Chipping Campden," yet my start point is Dover's Hill. My reasons are twofold: 1 The walk commences in Chipping Campden and walks up-to Dover's Hill following the Cotswold  Way. It is a steep climb, and rather than follow the old route, it was easier to use the Dover's Hill car park and  continue on the fresh part ( to me) of the walk.
2. The good citizens of Chipping Campden, seemed to me less than enthusiastic towards the  Way, with poor signing and a general reluctance  to broadcast where the actual start of the 102 mile walk was.
you can see pic. from older post " "Beginnings, Ends & the Man with the Trimba " 02/06/'09
I therefore decided not to give them my patronage again.

Walking to the right from the car park, this is the lovely scene, that greets you.
Following the  path by the hedge, until you come to a kissing- gate. this marks the break from the Cotswold Way. Our route carries on, further right following the fenceline to reach a gate, through which you pass to enter a small woody copse. Taking a left-hand track you soon reach a kissing- gate; from where you emerge in a down-facing field leading you to the woods at the bottom.
The route continues in the right hand corner leading into the leafy calm of Lynches wood; but take a moment to walk instead to the left hand corner of the field, where a bench awaits, offering this view and the chance for  a vacuum flask session.

Note: if you decide not to stop, it is worth mentioning that you will meet this bench later in the walk, when you exit from Lynches wood.

Lynches wood, is a pleasant covering of trees, offering shade on a hot day. It contains according to the walk sheet " the area's finest show of bluebells in May."  The walker is led through the wood in a clearly marked anti- clockwise direction, at first downwards and then upwards via some wooden steps.

The picture shows a gap through the trees, looking down to the village below, and thereby giving the viewer, some idea of the elevation involved.

Once exited from the wood, near to the aforementioned bench; you are on the 'finishing straight.' The path stays right, and then curves right up the slope, eventually passing a pond,

on the way to the trig point and thus completion of our smaller circuit.

This is a very satisfying walk, with scenic views of the highest quality, right  from the start. Moreover, there is a quiet serenity about aspects of this journey, particularly the downward grassy slopes. One does not need to walk any distance to feel the beauty of the place. Ideal to stop and picnic.




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