Thames Coda: New Seasons Colours

I have now walked the Thames Path from its source near Kemble to Castle Eaton and also from the Riverside Car Park to St John's Lock, situated just past Lechlade. I will probably not bother with  the ' missing ' 3.5 miles, as it involves, walking over a mile on the busy A361 road and apart from Inglesham Church has little to recommend it.

At some time in the future, I may find myself at Oxford, Marlow or Windsor for example and will report on the Thames then.

I hope, at least, that I have shown you how, from a trickle near the source, the infant Thames, often called Isis, develops in size and power, until at Lechlade, it reaches enough maturity to; in olden days, allow barges to convey cheese and stone to London.

My last posting, tried to point, with prose, picture and video this journey from stream to river.
I must however set the record straight, by admitting, that "Father Thames" was commissioned in 1854 for Crystal Palace and was sculpted by Raffaele Monti.

It was brought, at first to the source of the Thames and then  later to its present spot at St John's Lock.
Therefore I took poetic licence, when I suggested, in my poem if ' Father Thames dreamed of noise and rust---', as  it did not have any validation.

But as it fitted the narrative arc, I trust you will forgive me.

Here are two further photographs of the Thames(Isis), taken near Castle Eaton, which show the river trying to break free of the encroaching vegetation.

Yesterday I visited, Hidcote Manor Garden, a National Trust Property.

For extra detail visit my post  " Sheer Brillance 25/05/'10."

The colours were  vibrant and sharp under the blue April sky. Here are three photographic memories of the day. Enjoy.

N.R. picked up for a few pence at a charity shop, and first published in book form in 1891, I am currently reading " The Picture of Dorian Gray " by Oscar Wilde. It is a great delight to read such wonderful prose; that  you feel you need to stop at points and underline sections for future reference.
Ater all this time,  the story has a shock value, with an interesting idea and remains Oscar's only novel.

Once again, have a good week ahead.


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