The Accordion of Time: Ducks and Weeds

It occurs to me that time can be a little like an accordion; it seems to compress itself bringing to mind fragments of conversations, together with sounds of music and 'pictures' of places.

The older you grow; the greater the compression; making it difficult to sequence when these things  actually happened.

Try thinking of a song from the past. Now try putting a date to  when it first  occurred. Check your guess and depending upon your age and whether your song has a time memory 'tag'; you're probably going to be wrong.

The other day, armed with the knowledge that the wicket was damp, the atmosphere redolent  of imminent drizzle; and the north wind was starting to blow; being,  clearly, the first day of summer.

 Into my mind came unbidden the song "Here Comes Summer"; the one that goes # Oh, let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home #.

For the rest of that morning I tried in vain to remember who had originally recorded the song, to no avail.
Stumped, I turned to Mr. Google and found out it was a Mr. Jerry Keller (who he?) and amazingly it was dated 1959. How could this be?  The song, surely not over fifty years of age; but it was. Enough said!

Visited the local wetlands recently. The ground was 'rock hard' but there was a pleasant amount of avian life about, including two herons in a corner of the lake, which I viewed from the Hide.
I also spotted these two ducks, on the canal , just inside  the entrance to the wetlands.

Further along the canal, near to the footbridge, where one can gain access to the other bank, I noticed,  in a small area how choked up the canal was. It reminded me that you can't let Nature off the lead for long.

Well with June starting this Wednesday, let's  hope for a return to higher temperatures and those warm, summer nights. Oh, I feel a song coming on......

Time to leave.



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