Sapperton Walk

Looking back over my notes, I realized that I have neglected writing a few remarks about a short circular walk I completed, which started in the Gloucestershire village of Sapperton  in the vicinity of the parish Church of St. Kenelm.
Taking the road, away from the church,  the footpath is reached on the right; being a narrow track, between houses, which leads down into a pleasing grassy valley.

The white building you can see in the mid-distance is  the "Daneway" Public House, which provides a convenient half-way 'watering hole'.

The walk continues down to the bottom of the valley and then enters  into woodland.
The woodland track runs by the disused Thames and Severn Canal. Wild flowers  grow profusely on the ground and, of course the trees provide welcome shade for the walker.
The track leads to a canal tunnel.

The Severn and Thames Canal Tunnel situated at Sapperton, was between 1789- 1811 the largest tunnel of any kind in England. It was superseded by The Huddersfield Canal Tunnel.  There was no towpath and 'legging' using their feet was the only way to propel the barges through the tunnel.

A fictional account of this may be read in the book  " Hornblower and the Atropos" by C.S. Forester.

Reference to my blog posting  " More Flowing Moments" 14/04/'11 will remind readers that  this canal joins the Thames at Lechlade, on its way to the capital; carrying Cotswold cheeses and stones.

 Here is another view of the canal bridge.

Shortly after this point the aforementioned 'Daneway' pub is reached; where a refreshing pint of 'Wadworths' beer may be quaffed at your leisure.

The walk continues with a careful crossing of a road, which runs by the pub, to join the canal track on the far side. the walk then follows the canal until it is crossed by means of a small bridge to join the other bank.
Turning left the walk continues, up a rising slope to eventually meet the road. Turning left again, quickly brings the 'Daneway' into view; where upon the walk retraces its steps back to Sapperton Village.

Finally here is a view walking back up the valley towards Sapperton.




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