Tyntesfield - short reprise.

When I last visited Tyntesfield, the large Victorian House and Gardens in 2010, situated near the Bristol to Clevedon Road (B3130) ,

 ( see Hitting the Heights 22/05/'10)  the roof was being restored and the building was festooned in scaffolding.

Now a year on, the house's exterior  has been brought back to its original state.

As you can it really is a magnificent property and testimony to the work of the National Trust. On my recent visit the House was closed, and I gather much needs still to be done, to bring some of the rooms back to a viewable state. There is a special problem with the  outside natural light, which causes damage to the material  and fabrics, if too much is allowed to intrude.
As, in most things, it is a question of balance, to enable the public to see the interiors, yet not harm the rooms. In this respect, naturally photography with flash cannot be permitted.

However, apart from the house, the grounds and formal gardens are a treat for the eyes.

The rhododendrons were splendid also. 




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