Leaping with Gladys

First of all, in my recent post. " A trip to the Wier; Wye Not?  (18/9) " I mentioned a greenhouse with some 'wondrous onions; ' well here are a few of them.

Pretty impressive, I reckon.

Last Tuesday, (4/10) I went on a National Trust  walk entitled "The Ebworth Centre. " The start point was Cranham Primary School, from where the walker goes upwards on a path to the left of the school and then reaching a bend turns right into a wooded area, leading to a narrow pathway, which eventually comes to  a building which The NT calls a  cottage ( looks quite big to me! )
Following the drive  out to the gates, one bears left, down through a wooded section, until a brook and' Gladys' Leap ' is reached.

It is called ' Gladys' Leap ' after a former post women, Gladys Hillier, who at this spot jumped over the brook, in order to avoid a two mile detour on her post round.
The place was officially named in her honour by the Ordnance Survey in 1977, following requests from the villagers. As you will notice, a small bridge has since built over the brook  ( 2005 ). Gladys, then 88,  opened the bridge. Read more here:


Shortly after arriving at this Leap, I became tired and called it a day; leaving the rest of the walk for another occasion.

At this point in the blog, I was going to write a short piece about the evolution  of the mobile 'phone; following the announcement of the forthcoming iPhone 4s; but this has been over shadowed by the death of the co-founder of Apple,  Steve Jobs.

I have penned a few words on this subject and you can, if you wish , read it here :


Hope you all have a good week; watch for those winds.




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