"Thank you for the Days...": Views to Cherish.

This is a precious time of year. The days begin to shorten; the sun lies low in the sky and temperatures begin to drop; a gateway into winter and colder times ahead.

So, when  the sky turns blue and brightness abounds, it is a time to explore, visit old friends and places and especially look at the beauty of life around us.

Last Tuesday ( 11/10 ),  with Daughter D. in tow,  I visited Stratford Upon Avon, in order to view the now completed RSC Theatre. For construction details visit: RSC

In the nearby theatre grounds, I noticed this attractive Swan Sculpture.

This was unveiled by the Queen in 1996.
The sculptor was Christine Lee.

"The centerpiece of the fountain depicts two swans rising in flight. Swans have enjoyed royal protection for many centuries and have a special symbolic significance in Stratford-upon-Avon.
The water fountain was commissioned by Stratford-upon-Avon council to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the granting of market rights to the town by King Richard I and granting of Borough status by the Bishop of Worcester, both in 1196."

The RSC now has, as part of the rebuild, a tower, which for the princely sum of £2:50, ( no Concessions!) you can ascend.

Here are two views for you:

Impressive I would say.

After dinner at the roof-top restaurant; D. said she would like to see the Mulberry Tree, which was believed to have been planted by WS himself.

We found out that it was in the garden of the New Place. When we arrived there, we found to our chagrin that the cost of admission was £12:50 (£11:50 Cons.). In fairness, this included admission to other properties; but bearing in mind the timing, we decided to,  not stomp up the dough.

However, at the site we found that excavation was underway; so we did what any "cheap-skate " would; we took a picture through the railings.
Here it is:

For those interested in the  'Dig' please click here: Dig

So ended our day in ' Bard-Land.'


Friday, was really a golden day; the sun was bright, the weather warm, the wind still. It was tree-time.

D. and I visited Batsford Arboretum,  near Moreton in Marsh. Nothing to add except,  enjoy the photographs.

The next two pictures are a Foo Dog Statue (Chinese Guardian Dog) and a table of  Bonsai Trees, in the Garden Centre.

 Information on Batsford Arboretum at :Bats Arbo.


Yesterday a little bit of serendipity. This year marks the centenary of the birth of, writer, painter and poet, Mervyn Peake. His trilogy "Gormenghast " has always been one of my most favourite works of literature; which I constantly return to. My  three paperbacks are now looking well- thumbed and when I learned that a new edition, complete with  fresh  illustrations was published, I had an attack of the Credit Cards and hit the 'Amazon' button.
 The book duly arrived yesterday (Sat.)  and D. reminded me that there was to be a talk by Mervyn's son Sebastian, at the Cheltenham Literary Festival.
I ventured online and found that the talk was in fact on that very day,  at two 'o ' clock.
The tickets booked, we arrived in good time and enjoyed an excellent talk.

I was reminded, during the talk of how Mervyn designed the original logo for Penguin Books.

He was duly offered a fee of £10 or half penny a book. This happened during war time and he was given the advice to take the money, as paper would be in short supply. This he did and so lost a fortune.

To finish, here is Sebastian signing books, including mine.

 N.P. It's not very often that I give a ' tip of the hat' and also 'point the finger ' at the same piece of music. But this is the case with Nigel Kennedy's new recording " The  Four Elements. "
This piece of orchestral work, co-written by Nigel contains IMHO some of his best violin playing, with some good tunes, within the four main movements.
Why oh why did he choose to conclude with a stupid song " It's Plucking Elemental, " which contains the rhymes elemental/dental/ mental. No Sir Please No !

Have a good week; getting colder, so extra blanket perhaps?




  1. It's the price you pay for all the fine violin-playing and the good tunes ! Do as I did and download it on to your I-Pod without the final track !

  2. Spot on Elsie !
    I have already done as you suggest.


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