Yew and I: slowly rolling on

It's been a funny old week: a little bit of an emotional roller-coaster.

On Tuesday evening my friend K. , kindly took me to see Cheltenham Town play Crewe in a League  Two football match at the local Abbey Business Stadium. There is a magic quality about seeing the game under floodlights; the difference between  standing in the dark and seeing the bright green pitch and players before you.

In the first half the 'Robins', pretty much dominated the play. They had many shots saved by the Crewe goal-keeper, but failed to score.
At half-time, the Crewe Manager, must have given the team a ' shake of the fist, ' as they came out like terriers  and put us under so much pressure, that not only did we concede a penalty ( from which they scored, ) but they also ruined  our team composure.

Thus,  we never returned to the rhythm  of our play in the first 45 minutes and the more we ' huffed and puffed, ' the worse we became. The final score was 1- 0 to Crewe; ending our run of five victories ' on the bounce. '

The game of Football (Soccer, ) can be compared to the game of life.
If you don't take your chances, when they are presented to you; you may rue them later on. Also in achieving your plans, you must not be deflected, by outside influences, which try to disrupt your progress to your  goal.

But it is important, to realize  there is always time to  reflect upon chances missed and adapt your life-journey accordingly.

The Robins team-talks, certainly paid off, because yesterday, Saturday (29/10, ) they managed to snatch victory in the 93rd minute to win 2- 1 against Plymouth Albion; keeping on, as we all should do,  to the end.


Knowing, that on Friday, (28), was the date of my friend's funeral, and concerned about the impermanence of life; I took the opportunity, whilst visiting Stow on the Wold, to seek out the back porch of the town's  church St. Edwards.  Not solely for spiritual refreshment, but rather to re-acquaint myself with a pair of yew trees.

These wonderful chaps have become almost welded to the fabric of the church wall. They are, to me a great life-affirming force. Look at these roots.

They are not leaving anytime soon, are they ?


I'm physically too tall to keep a low profile and too old to care about such things; so as I grow backwards in time, I'm moving to the brighter things in life. Like baubles on a Christmas Tree, I'm into vivid impressions.
So when I saw  red, size 12 Nike trainers, sitting on a shelf, I knew my name was on the label.

The name 'Nike,' comes from the Greek goddess of Victory. So it's always good to be winner and as a Christian especially so. The Companies HQ is in Portland, Oregon; a state full of timber and trees; so that's a good thing to.

All in all, if you'll excuse the expression, the footwear 'ticked all the boxes.'

Actually the 'Swoosh'  logo symbol, I learned is not a check sign; it is apparently meant to signify the speed of the goddess's progress: flying feet indeed.


 Two things to note especially  about the funeral:

 It was a beautiful day. The sun had got ' his hat on ' and in J. case his back-pack to.

 The church was full to the rafters; standing room only.

It was, however a slightly uneasy balance to strike between mourning and celebration.
But, enough, memories were shared, tears were shed and J. was given a rousing send-off.

J. symbolizes a map to me and I guess as I write, she is busy extending her heavenly boundaries.

After the service, My daughter D. and I made our way to a local pub in nearby Prestbury and raised a toast to our departed friend.

We finished up overlooking the Cheltenham Racecourse, however sadly, contemplating the future.

Enjoy the week ahead, which in spite of my pessimism, is going to be mild for the time of the year.
Avoid the 'dark ' and stay in the light.




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