River, Trees, Mist and Fire

Addendum to Major Wyford Clarke's Journal; dated 12th November 2011.

  " Got into a spot of bother with the Memsahib, for not mentioning the ' moving pictures' she took about that estuary place. Apparently she can add it to the online journal on the twitterweb. 
Beyond my ken, all that stuff, if it doesn't pour, burns or has words to read, no use to me. I expect the 'pictures'  covered by the goggle-box licence.

 So there you have it. Apologies to all you screen- twitchers and mice people; but no doubt the Memsahib will attend to your requirements.

 My super chappie Baxter has laid a roaring log fire in the study, where I am enjoying a large libation; whilst enjoying John's memoirs; having reached Chapter X " Vindaloo - The Currie Years;" spicy stuff indeed.

I suppose, I'd better wish you all, festive greetings and the hope that all your singles become doubles.
As the Army Chaplain once remarked " you can always decant at your leisure." 

WC  "


Here are two contrasting pictures from Prinknash Abbey; taken minutes apart.


Interesting, how at this time of year, the light can change so quickly.

Earlier in the month, D. and I were up in the mists of Minchinhampton Common and spotted this forlorn chap.

Again, just a perspective of the light.

Last Friday (18th), D. and I visited Cold Aston, from where we walked to the neighbouring village of Notgrove; following part of  "The Gloucestershire Way." 
Just after leaving Cold Ashton, our route took us through a  path between  beech trees.
What a pleasure to walk between these  elegant giants on a bed of their fallen leaves.

We shall  return in springtime.

Finally, here is a picture of a wood fire, taken from the bar of 'The Mount Inn'; where my wife's husband was seen to be imbibing a pint of Donnington's BB. Nectar indeed.

Keep warm and enjoy the week ahead.



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