Sand Banks: Self- Delusional Cult: Ice & Fire.

The rain abated. So parking the car in Newnham on Severn, D. and I stepped outside and took this video of the Severn at low-tide.

It is now a rather  small town, with the main street, used as a busy thoroughfare for traffic to the Forest Of Dean and Chepstow, and thus a gateway into Wales.
The Romans had a settlement nearby and almost certainly used Newnham as both a crossing point and port.
In 1171 Henry II used the town as a start point for an invasion of Ireland. Read more at :Newnham

 Here is a further picture of this stretch of river.

D. and I walked down the street, visiting the shops and in one I bought this print of Newnham in 1870.

A quieter spot then methinks.


 I have quite a modest collection of records; ( well maybe not too modest !)  with over six and a half thousand tracks stored digitally and at a guess, around 250 CDs  and lastly a drawer full of cassettes; I gave up on vinyl.
When one does the maths, the self-delusion kicks in.
Will I ever play all this music? I guess not; it would take up too much time, and remember I'm retired.
If I started playing artists in alphabetical order, would I lose the will to live by the time I got to ZZ Top ? Probably.
So, why do we keep collecting ?
Partly, because my tired old ears are always listening for something new and I love creating new playlists; balancing one sound against another and hearing  a fresh perspective through the practice.
No logic to any of this I know; but in the meantime, worringly, I'm happy to be  in this self-delusional cult.
I will cut down; I promise!
Now where did I put that new Magic Band CD?


I hoped I wouldn't like the series, but guess what, I bought the first book, " A Game of Thrones "
and wanted more. So now I'm halfway through " Clash of Kings," with three more waiting on the shelf.
I guess that takes care of winter!
 The Series : A Song  of Ice and Fire.  The Author  : George RR Martin. The Genre: Fantasy.

Check out more at :Ice and Fire

Beware: This is addictive material.


I try, when possible, to tweet once a day. Last Monday (31/10 ) I hit the wall. Nothing. I put down blank, rhymed it with plank and having read  the excellent "Rhymes without Reason " by Mervyn Peake; decided to have a rhyming week. For better or worse here's your 6 days' worth.

I'm  feeling

I'm feeling blank,
like a plank.
Better not splinter.

I'm feeling remote,
like a stoat.
Pop goes the weasel.

I'm feeling down,
like a clown.
When to laugh.

I'm feeling compressed,
too tight in my vest.
I will expand.

I'm feeling very mean,
clanking like a cash machine.
I need some interest.

I'm feeling extremely light,
swooping like a Red Kite.
Time to soar.

Ck. 31- 5/11/'11

Have a good week ahead.
Stay frost- free


  1. When writing a rhyme
    and scratching your head
    Just think of the time
    You could be spending in listening instead!

  2. A note-worthy comment. It does strike a chord, my Lord.


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