Flora and Football

What-Ho ! Everyone. Small beer today I'm afraid; no safari's or expeditions to write about, so just a few photographic scraps for you.

Picture 1 shows how well the gardeners in St. James's Park,  London are looking after the borders.

Picture 2 shows another  view of those Cotswold Wolds.

The next two show winter scenes  from  the local park.

There's something special about standing up in a confined space with a crowd.
It takes on  a tribal nature, wish tensions racked up, until that moment of release,  which  in this case was the scoring of a goal for us.

So it was, yesterday (10/12 ) at the Abbey Business Stadium, where I watched Cheltenham Town, play the League 2 leaders Southend.  I have never seen the team play better; the skills on display were astounding and miracle of miracles we won, with a shade in hand 3 goals to nil..

A great match to watch.

Pic 1: Pre-match training
Pic 2 : Victory clap to the fans
Pic 3: On-loan 'keeper from Birmingham City F.C. Jack Butland (England's U21 GK), played his last game for the town. At the end of the game he was given a standing ovation and in true star fashion, hurled his gloves  and shirt to the crowd. He will be missed by all.


D. and I  thought about visiting Avebury Manor, the scene of BBC2's  make-over, but with the weather going south, we gave it a miss. However, Avebury is most famous for its standing stones.
In '93 I wrote a poem about them, which I have revised and uploaded to my other blog.
Should you wish to read it, please click here: Avebury

Watch out for this stormy weather in the week end.
Enjoy the Christmas shopping.


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