Not hole fixed: into the Bull Ring

Last Monday (12/12 ) D. and I parked the car in Notgrove and walked,  to find our  way back to  the  finishing spot on our Gloucestershire Way, walk.

Here it is. The route having come up a bridleway opposite this picture. To remind yourself of the route to this point,  click here:Nearly Notgrove

The Sun was bright, and low; but ideal for a perambulation around the village. Our steps soon took us back to  St Bartholomew's Church in Notgrove.
Here  you may remember, I posted a picture of a Saxon Cross which can be seen on the outside of the western wall.
Today the light was more amenable and entering the church, D. was able to take these two lovely stained-glass pictures.

Then looking up towards the roof, D. espied a  row of Angels, affixed at intervals along the top board.; here is one of them:

Charming I thought.

After a walk around Notgrove, we  found a likely road out of the village. Following this, we soon arrived at a T-junction. Looking to the left, we were delighted to see the house, as shown in picture 1, which we quickly reached.
This means that we have now  completed the Gloucestershire Way from Salperton to Buckle Street, via Notgrove and Cold Aston.


Last Tuesday (13/12) we set out on the "rattler" from Cheltenham Spa To Birmingham New Street; except, of course it doesn't rattle any more. The train was a very quiet, smooth, moving force and I had hardly chance to  complete two short chapters of my book ( Right-Ho Jeeves), before Birmingham was announced, on the tannoy.

We had come to Birmingham to see the out-door German Frankfurt Market, the largest of its sort outside Europe.

We made our way in a big loop around the stalls, partook of some Gluvein (mulled wine) to halt the rapidly falling temperatures, and eventually  reached a town square.

By this stage, whether because of odd air currents, strengthened by the wind or not,  the cold really began to get to D and I and so we made our way quickly, to the indoor Bull-Ring Shopping Centre.
Never have I  been so glad to be in such a place; oh the luxury of heat.

I must say when,  after a couple of hours of browsing, we exited the site, I smiled to see the "Bull"  himself wrapped up against the inclement conditions.


Met up with the Major in town the other day; he invited me into his club for a tincture.
Once inside, I asked the Major for his thoughts regarding Christmas and the New Year.

" Main advice: continue to get a good brace of stiff ones down on a daily basis during the Christmastide and stock up with a collation of cold Turkey and meats. I feel 2012 is going to be a sticky wicket of a year with balls coming at you at  very variable levels throughout.  An odd looking brute, with events such as the Capo leading our noble lads to the waste lands of the Ucrime for a football contest, in which we initially play the frogs on the tundra.
I mean, dash it all,  they will be putting vodka in the water; on the other hand; might calm the boy Rooney down, I suppose.
But then when this debacle  is over, what do we do? Only let  Fritz Foreigner invade our capital; all in the name of sport, I think not!  There will be Gun Boats on The Thames, and our loyal troops patrolling the streets upon the  Mayor's  pushbikes. Oh dear oh dear, a rum do indeed ! "

At this point, there was a lull in the conversation; with the Major sunk in a  reverie; with a 'Kate Addie' look in his eyes. I gave him a gentle nudge and the Major quickly responded, sat up, looked at his hunter and disclaimed: " Ah, just time for a quick one : I say Walker (summoned steward) : You know there's always a silver lining, if you look for it. 
Take Walker, for example, got a slight tremor in the handle-bars; causes a  minor problem with the tray carrying; but absolute wizard when it comes to cocktail making. Ah Walker, there you are. Two  dry Vodka  Martinis please. Shaken not stirred. Good Man.
 Baxter should be here soon. Sent him out to the native quarter to buy some trinkets to keep the Memsahib happy in this festive season. Stressful time Christmas, don't you think?
 Thank you Walker, ( drinks arrive)  Well then, ( raising glass) as they say on the Wolds,' Here's permafrost in your eye'; Ching Ching."

If you want to reprise the revamped Major's scribbles, piffle and whimsy for 2011; then click here:Major/ 2011

And farewell from me: wishing you all a very happy Christmas and in spite of the Major's warnings, a contented New Year.



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