A Little Sparkle: On The Road Again

You know it only seems like yesterday, that we were in 2011; well actually---

So I thought I'd start  the year with a little sparkle; especially as I am rarely a nocturnal animal and this may well be the latest I'm seen out this year.
After  the fizz, we finished the early morning with hot chocolate and marshmallows, very civilised indeed.
My predictions for the year? uneven with a few highs;  some lows, but mostly flat.

I trust it will pan out more exciting than disappointing for you all. My fellow tweeeter gives this almost Delphic pronouncement: " This Year ('12 ) will be harder than last year. It will, however  be easier than next year." We shall see.


 D and I have made further progress along  The Gloucestershire Way .  On the 22/12 we parked again at the War Memorial Salperton and this time walked back along the road towards the tiny hamlet of Hampen.
We followed the road for about a quarter of a mile, until we reached  a crossroads. We walked straight  across to a bridleway, which led down a muddy track, to a metalled lane and thence to Hampen; which is described accurately  as a secluded hamlet.

As, you will notice, it looks well presented and almost manicured.

Near this photograph, was our end-spot for the day.

We look forward, when better conditions prevail to be walking up from the fields below to the stile and thus completing another section of the route.

On 29/12, we embarked at another starting point, namely Coberley village. From the village we made our way down some steps, across the baby River Churn and then upwards  through a field to reach a lane, where turning right, after a short distance, the way continued on a left-sided path, which soon gave us an exhilarating view of valley above Coldwell Bottom.

As you can see, it was a wide, clearly defined and marked track. As we came up the slope: ( picture taken on return leg); we were meet by a group of cyclists enjoying the downward slope and gathering speed accordingly.

Further on, the track continued  in the middle of  two fenced fields to left and right.

Here,  it was great to see contented flocks of sheep grazing.

The track then passed farm buildings and eventually turned left, passing a new wood to reach the entrance to the Rushwood Kennels, where we finished our journey.

 The final picture shows the approach to Coberley.

Well enjoy the first week of the  new year. I suspect the going will be heavy by the weekend; so watch out for the squalls and those gusts of wind.



P.S. A big tip of the hat  to New Year's Honours Knighted Sir Jonathan Ive; the designer of the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac: recognition at last.


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