Pleasure Principle: From Cobbles

Pleasure Principle

Lunchtime peace.
Crisp winter hops.
Sun drenched trees.
Concession for age.
Human warmth.
Doughty warriors,
( win 2 - 0 )
Daytime believer.
A warm homeward glow.


"Now Then, Now Then,  Now Then" , as The Late great Jimmy Saville, would say; " how's about we get off down  the Way? ".
So it was, that last Tuesday (10/1) D. and I parked the car in Upper Coberley and made our way by means of a right handed pathway walking up the edge of a ploughed field.  We noticed power lines, strung through pylons, close by and after skirting a woodland, we proceeded along a bridleway and saw a posse (choose your own collective noun) of pylons.

We had arrived at Needlehole, an abandoned village site; for what reason I know not.
This was the  only location, I could find, which supported the claim.

The  Gloucestershire Way continued along the bridleway, which became a lane and began to ascend towards woodlands.

 The lane, curving left, as in the picture above,  came out from Needlehole, met a road and climbed  steeply uphill.

We began to tire and after a short while, stopped by the roadside for a coffee break. Then, we made the best decision of our walk, for rather than start the return journey, we continued upwards and in only about 250 yards we saw a sign on the right which led over a stile into a downward facing meadow; offering this magnificent vista before us.

For a January day, this was exceptional weather; the sky was bright blue, affording great visibility, with no wind to  expose us to a chill. Perfection in a view.
Here is a short video to give you more of this  panorama.

After this, I walked down the slope,  to a gate, where the  Way went on its way through a grove of maple trees, to reach eventually the village of Foxcote. This gate was our end-point for the day.

Having 'drunk' in the view, we returned contently to our car.

The past two mornings I have noticed 'Frost on Noodles' and clearly temperatures are slowly going south.
So enjoy the week ahead, but wrap up in case.


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