A Royal Dicky: Going Dahn The Way

Her Majesty's Nanny

Now that Britannia is completely  brown bread,
I fink she should get another one,  instead.

In order to start the savings trend,
She should get on the dog and phone a friend.

Preferably to someone   living oily and hot,
who can reach in his sky and send 'er a pot.

She don't want all 'em pressies   absolutely  no way,
so germans on the keys and  flog 'em on E-Bay.

Open up all yer drums dear Queenie please,
and charge all 'em punters a load  of bees.

Strike a new stamp with your boat in mournful despair,
over a picture  of   Royals queueing up for Ryanair.

 With all this duckin' and divin' and other Easter schemes,
we'll soon 'ave you dear Lizzie in a nanny of your dreams.

Ck 20/01/2012.


With sincere apologies to  Cockneys everywhere.


The 'trouble' (sorry) D. and I have been tidying up some 'loose ends' on the Gloucestershire Way. Last Sunday (15/1) we parked at the Barrow Wake Viewpoint  viewpoint and walked down a short path onto the main Cirencester road, which we carefully crossed.
We then walked along the grass verge, until we were almost opposite the 'Air Balloon ' Pub.

At this point, you might well ask, why didn't you park in the pub car park and then on your return pop in for a drink? I need to point the finger by explaining that the AB was charging to park a car there.
A little bit below the belt, you will agree and an act that cost  them our custom.
The Way then continued up a path into a small wooded area known as Emma's Grove.

Its name is derived from the ancient Bronze Age Barrows found nearby Emma .

We were soon out into the sunshine again, the route taking us in a straight line across two meadows, until we espied the Rushwood Kennels again; being our end-point on our walk from Upper Coberley.
This meant that on this section of the Gloucestershire Way, we had now walked  from Crickley Hill to the edge of Foxcote, via Coberley and Upper Coberley.

Having reached the Kennels, we returned back to Barrow Wake and our car.

The picture above shows the stile  and the outskirts of Emma's Grove.
Such a peaceful scene just a couple of hundred yards from that busy road.

Last Tuesday (17/1), we parked the car near The Kilkenny Inn (now for sale) and made our way down a steep lane to Foxcote Village.
Reaching the village we turned left into a cul de sac, which led us to a green Gloucestershire Way sign leading us in a straight direction parallel to the main road on our left.

This was the sight that greeted us at the  first stile.

We were clearly going to be travelling Sow, Sow, West (ho! ho! )

W continued over another fence into a further field, crossed a road, to a headland path alongside Shipton Oliffe Golf Course on our right.

The route then emerged on to an old green way, which eventually took us to a junction, giving site of the Frogmill Inn, in the distance and our terminus for the day.

Sorry to end on a carp; but yes, we did originally park in the spacious car park of the newly refurbished Frogmill Inn; only to find on a rather small board,  a warning that clamping was being operated for non-hotel vehicles.  A shake of the fist necessary, I think.


Just In Case:   Dicky (bird ) = word              Nanny ( goat ) = boat  
 ( bread ) = dead

                      Dog ( bone ) = phone              Sky ( rocket ) = pocket      Germans ( bands ) = hands
                     Drum ( bass ) = place                Bees ( honey ) = money
  ( race )   = face

                                                                       Easter ( bunny ) = money.


So I'll write to you next week when I do the walk ( jog) = blog.
Enjoy the last week of January; but watch out for the winds.



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