Up and Down and Overview: Major Digest

This is the view looking down upon  Foxcote.

 D. and I revisited this village last Saturday (21/1) , in order to 'tie-up' a little chain in our Gloucestershire Way  walk.

As before, we parked near the Kilkenny Pub and made our way down the steep lane into Foxcote.
This time we turned right, following a green  and also  yellow GL sign into a farmyard,  went past some stables and onto a path which bisected two enclosed fields, on which horses and ponies could be seen.

 This uphill path terminated at a stile and then proceeded left into a small wooded area.

Coming out of this bushy region, we arrived into a large sloping field, which we crossed upwards in a diagonal fashion, to meet our target, namely the grove of maple and lime trees;  from where I had concluded our jaunt the week before.

Here is a shot to remind you of the trees.

Here is a further shot, 200 yards down the path, where a marker leads you back across the field that I described above. You can see the wooded area in the distance.

We concluded our short, but satisfying stroll, by continuing on this  maple bridlepath, passing later, some farm buildings and then finally  turning right to arrive, once more on the lane; where  a left turn allowed us to walk back up the hill and regain our car.


Last Thursday (26/1), D and I made our way, in the car to Painswick Beacon.

It was a cold, windy day; but luckily for us the sun was out and after gaining the trig point, by walking up from the adjacent golf course; I was able to take these two views of the surrounding countryside, until the cold air beat me from this summit.

February, usually brings some surprises, so watch out, for perhaps, a cold spell next week.

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