Sword, Sign, and Scenes.

  As you probably know I  am currently reading ( now on vol.4 "A Feast For Crows" )  the fantasy series "ice and fire "  by George R. R. Martin.  I discovered a picture of this tee shirt, designed by a fan: following, the T.V Series One of his books,

I obtained his permission and here it is. I'm beginning to think it's better to enter a fantasy world and escape reality for awhile.
For those, who have access to the Sky Atlantic channel, (not me), Series Two commences April 2nd 2012.


Some people it appears to me, have had a 'feelings-bypass.' Such a person is Mike Ashley, who owns Sports Direct sports chain and Newcastle United Football Club. For over a hundred years, the club's ground has been called St James's Park or St. James' Park, if you prefer.
Mr. Ashley has decided to end this tradition and has re-named it, "The Sports Direct  Stadium." His idea being, to then sell these title rights to a commercial sponsor and make a few quid in the process.
clicking on this link shows a picture of his vandalism; (not for sensitive eyes!).   NUke the James.


The two above photographs were taken approaching the North Farm and the Shipton Downs.
D. and I were on  "The Gloucestershire Way " walking from the village of Shipton Oliffe to our target point in the hamlet of Hampen. 

We have almost finished the section from Crickley to Salpeton.

A good week ahead,  with rising temperatures. Whoopee.



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