GW: Into Lower Slaughter

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GW, a set on Flickr.
Views On The Gloucestershire Way.

As you can see I am experimenting with Flickr, A way of sharing photographs. Tapping  on each Thumbnail will bring up a bigger picture from The Flickr site.

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D. and I have walked the road into Salperton, passing the Manor House with sheep grazing on the meadowland and then by bridleway into the outskirts of Notgrove.

Down into the village with its Saxon Church and Cross, to emerge through fields into a wonderful grove of beech trees, bringing us to Cold Aston. This led us by way of edged  field pathways to Little Aston Mill, crossing the River Windrush on our way across to Saxon Buckle Street, with nearby what looked like burial chambers.

This was our end-point on our last walk here.

We continued along the track, to meet a small crossroads, which we went across to walk down into a steep lane, taking us into the village of Lower Slaughter.

 Here we met a Mill, no longer used; but nonetheless  a focal point for the village.

Lower Slaughter, is a pretty village, neat, tidy and manicured as only Cotswold villages can be.
I think its inhabitants would be less than pleased to know that the word 'Slaughter, ' comes from the Saxon word ( Slohter; meaning a wet and miry place on a road.)

Perhaps, on second thoughts well named after all!

Every decent Cotswold Village must have its Church. Here is Lower Slaughter's version.

This particular day, the weather was so clement, that we took  afternoon tea and scones; how very civilised, as my old friend the Major would say.

Well they tell me that March is roaring in like a lion and (hopefully) going out like a lamb.

This means a colder spell at first, so don't put those scarves away just yet.




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