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IMG-20120311-00064.jpg, a photo by kurlypics on Flickr.

This rather murky photograph (too much light exposure) is a shot of Cheltenham Race Course; taken last Sunday (11/3 ) , prior to the start of the Cheltenham  Festival on the Tuesday. Everything looked in good order and they were watering the course.

Today Friday (16/3), was the last day and was the occasion of the Gold Cup. This famous race was won by Synchronised, ridden by A.P. McCoy. The horse was trained by Jonjo O'Neill at nearby " Jackdaws Castle" at Ford.
The path by his gallops,  forms part of the Gloucestershire Way; which D. and I will be walking again in a few week's time, as we make our way from Stow on the Wold to Tewkesbury.

The above picture shows part of those very gallops; the all-weather track is on the left hand side.

Yesterday (15/3 ) we completed the leg of the Gloucestershire Way  from Lower Slaughter to Stow on The Wold.

Previously we had walked from from Lower Slaughter village, past the church and across fields to finish at this end- point.  Yesterday we set off from Stow and walked in reverse direction, in order to complete the journey.
The weather was a little chilly with a top temperature of 10C. There was no wind; with a mist which never entirely cleared up.

Leaving the main Stow to Cirencester Road, we walked down a bridle-way to meet several gates, leading through to pass Netherswell Manor Farm.

We then walked on an embanked path around a large warehouse type building. Upon closer inspection we noticed it had, what purported to be stable doors, running along one side.
Sure enough, when I consulted the guide book, it turned out to be an equine gymnasium.

A very impressive building indeed.

Shortly after this we came to Hyde Mill, by crossing a bridge over the River Dikler.

After the mill, it was  only a matter of following pathways through fields to return to our end-point shown  above,
So now, by reaching Stow, we have completed ' The High Hills ' section at the most northerly point of the walk and will be returning back to Tewkesbury, via Winchcombe.


Some further messages from the 'Major' :Sweet Thoughts.


Having recently read some Spike Milligan and also the Late Mervyn Peake, I began to see that there was a place for poems/prose which did not make literal sense; but which by placing words against other words ideas could be generated in random ways.
I therefore decided to tweet  daily for a week some word-plays using the hash-tag #sillyBULLs, or in your language Syllables. The great virtue of using the hash-tag, is that:

1-  it allows me to keep track of my work.
2 - it allows other tweeters if they wish, to contribute.

Here then, with some revisions is  #sillyBULLS



Is the toast-master a bread winner? 
Does the watch-man work in Spring/Summer/Winter time?
Is the door-man a key player?
Will you find a consciousness stream in a typing pool?
Will the stable lads and lasses be caught napping?


Can you find a wedding train in a weather station?
Can a sweep stake be a joint effort?
Can there be a bottle-neck in an armchair?
Can cash flow through a water bed?
Can you suffer from stage-fright if you indulge in word-play?
Can sea-sides suffer from pier pressure?
Can a mile-stone be made from the rock of ages?

Do grid-locks have entry codes?
Do you always get a square deal at the box-office?
Do you come to a stop at the end of the day?

No sense !  Nonsense.

Ck 11- 16th March 2012 a.d.


One tweeter, R.C. wrote " How R the Bulls thinking they're going to win without Rose? "
Sounds improbaBULL to me.

Hope the weather picks up again next week. Let's see March go out like a lamb.



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