London Calling: Not Dull Dulwich At All

Westminster-20120305-00056.jpg by kurlypics

This is another splendid example of  an London Easter Egg ( see last week's blog). This one is situated in St James's Park.

During my short stay in the capital last week, I visited, for the first time the small town of Dulwich. It is famous for its Picture Gallery, which at this time has an exhibition of Van Dyck In Sicily (1624 - 1625 ).

Here are two views of the imposing entrance to the Gallery.

Dulwich, also has a fine park; one of the last of the Victorian Great Parks

Above are two views of the Lake.

It boasts an American Garden, which will look lovely in te late Spring when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. Dulwich Park,  has of course many old and splendid trees.

All in all a very pleasant green oasis indeed.

Lastly in this whistle stop tour of Dulwich, I espied these rather grand finger sign posts. Do you like them?

Oh well back to The Gloucestershire Way next week.



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